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How much is your time worth? How much can you afford to lose waiting for a lost file or database to be restored?

If you’ve ever lost a memo, contract, or billing data from your computer system, you might be able to recover it – that is, if you can find the right backup; if it is readable; if it has not been taken off the premises to “protect” it; if the server is even running to copy the file to! Your files and data are the backbone of your company. You should be able to access them quickly and easily no matter what. Isn’t that why you use computers in the first place?

Chordata understands your desire to not only protect your invaluable data, but to be able to get to that data quickly, easily, without hassle.

That is why we offer our Business Continuity Assurance Solution. Our system creates copies of your valuable data and files at intervals that you are comfortable with. With our Business Continuity Assurance Solution, copies of your data are created off the premises while an additional copy is left on the premises where it can be restored from in a matter of minutes

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Even more importantly, we manage everything!

We provide all the necessary equipment, installation and maintenance, ensuring files are being properly copied. We also handle actually recovering a file, a database or an entire disk.

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Lose a file? Make a phone call, and we’ll take care of it.

Your computer systems should be tools that work in the background to make business easier. Why not make sure that the care of the tool itself takes place in the background as well?

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